Mobilize your wealth to catalyze change

The ReWeaving Wealth system is a simple, yet significant tool to help focus your energy and investments and increase your impact.

Get clarity on the causes that matter to you most

Explore a range of movement-building strategies

Create an actionable plan to catalyze change

Your money is always at work. 

But, is it working to build the clean, green, more inclusive world you want to see?

Creating change can be hard.

From not knowing where or how to start, to struggling to develop pragmatic solutions, it can feel difficult and overwhelming.

ReWeaving Wealth cards offer a fun and engaging way to navigate these complexities with success. Using a clear framework to help you organize, strategize, and step into action, the ReWeaving Wealth system empowers you to put your resources to work in a timely and meaningful way. 

“I’ve worked with ReWeaving Wealth alone and in small groups. Each time I gain new insights and deeper self-awareness about how I can align my core values with my money.”

- Don Shaffer, Former President & CEO, RSF Social Finance


How it works

Five decks of cards, worksheets and a guidebook help you identify and sort through complex choices faced by people with wealth.



Get clear on your core values

Prioritize the values that drive you and what you want to accomplish in the world.


Identify your chief concerns

Connect your values to real-world issues. Refine your focus and consider how your concerns relate to each other.


Explore what strategies best support your goal

Test a range of ideas to provoke new ways of thinking and accelerate action.


Consider what success looks like

Clarify where you stand with your money now and consider where you might go. Where are you stuck and what needs to change?



Put it all together in a purposeful action plan that builds momentum and focuses your efforts for the days, weeks, and months to come.

“We have been in the philanthropic advising field for over 15 years working predominantly with families. The Reweaving Wealth cards are incredibly helpful in fostering critical conversations (with an individual, a couple or different generations of a family) that underpin and form the solid base of many decisions. We are firm believers that getting clear on what values drive your decisions individually and collectively is a critical step to understanding where you have come from and where you are headed. We have used the various decks in a variety of ways and each time, they help clients reach a deeper alignment and clarity of what they are trying to accomplish. The decks provide a fun way to engage.“

- Tory Dietel Hopps, Managing Partner, Dietel & Partners

Who it's for



Sharpen your vision. Deepen focus. Imagine unusual combinations. Also useful for those who prefer anonymity.


Families & Colleagues

Helpful for discussing issues and finding common ground with partners, family members and fellow board members.

ReWeaving Wealth_Icons_Financial Board_Icon

Institutions, Advisors, & Facilitators

A tool for family offices, educational programs, investment advisors, funding circles, coaches, facilitated events.

What People are Saying

“I worked through the cards with my daughter, who's 30. It was life-changing for her. It clarified for her what is her work to do and what is not. Great for those who are wanting to hone in. Brilliant tool for the world.”

Ginny Jordan, Philanthropist, Family Foundation

“You thought of everything imaginable and still left room for new thoughts from the users. I am blown away by the magnitude of the work. What a gift to us all.”

Bonny Meyer, Impact Investor

How to get started

Purchase the Principal Pack

Start here! Our Principal Pack features the full ReWeaving Wealth system, designed to help you get clear, get creative, and get moving.


The Principal Pack includes: 

  • 5 card decks (Values, Concerns, Strategies, Big Questions, Next Steps)
  • Action Plan box to store your selections
  • Principal Pack Guidebook, which includes exclusive “Going Deeper” section 
  • Worksheet pads for each deck to record your sessions

Add Contributor Packs

Perfect for partners, parents, children, siblings, and colleagues, our Contributor Pack allows you to include those closest to you in these important conversations. Bonus: It’s light and compact, making it ideal for travel.


The Contributor Pack includes:

  • 5 card decks (Values, Concerns, Strategies, Big Questions, Next Steps)
  • Action Plan box to store your selections
  • Contributor Pack Guidebooklet, with Action Map

What People are Saying

“We share ReWeaving Wealth with families, to help them get clear on how they want their gifts to make change in the community. It's also a helpful tool for families who are looking to engage the next generation in family giving. It's a great way to deepen relationships with clients.”

Adine Mees, CEO West Vancouver Foundation

“The Strategies are bold and comprehensive. This program makes overwhelming and murky problems seem so much clearer. All of this could have taken the form of a book but the cards are so much more tactile and tangible. It’s genius.”

Julia Pope, Co-Founder of Hylo

Take Charge of Your Wealth and Activate Your Vision

Whether you’re just beginning to explore options for activating your wealth for change, or you’ve been at it a long time—ReWeaving Wealth is a rewarding gift for yourself, your family and the world.