Answers to frequently asked questions to help you understand how ReWeaving Wealth can put you in the driver’s seat.

Purchasing the Program

What is included in the ReWeaving Wealth Principal Pack?

The Principal Pack includes all five card decks, an Action Plan box for storing selections, a guidebook, and six worksheet pads; all contained in a beautiful cloth-wrapped box. The Principal Pack guidebook leads you through an initial session with illustrations and sample questions for each deck. Its exclusive “Going Deeper” section presents further exercises and explorations. (But, you can always dive in and proceed intuitively! ) Each worksheet pad complements a different ReWeaving Wealth card deck with additional questions and a place to document your individual choices, sessions, and your action plans.

What is included in the ReWeaving Wealth Contributor Pack?

The Contributor Pack includes all five card decks, an Action Plan box for storing selections, and a compact guide booklet with a visual Action Plan guide, all contained in an attractive index-sized box with a pullout shelf containing the contents. The guide booklet leads you through an initial session for each deck. The visual Action Plan guide shows in easy-to-follow diagrams how to work with the cards, demonstrating how groups of cards might weave together to build synergy in service to a mission. An added bonus – this pack is nicely portable and easy to travel with.

Why buy multiple sets?

When a group works together, having separate individual decks allows each participant the freedom to make autonomous choices. This quickly reveals common concerns, honest choices without pressure, helps fast track decisions and focus generative discussions where needed. 

Depending on the nature of your group, we suggest:

  • Purchase one ReWeaving Wealth Principal Pack for each family unit or group,  plus a Contributor Pack for each additional family or group member.    


  • Purchase one ReWeaving Wealth Principal Pack per person, equipping each individual with their own notepads, allowing them to fully explore and document their own ReWeaving Wealth experience.   

This process of working autonomously with one’s own pack enhances face-to-face group work, distanced online group work, and increases opportunities for continued individual and group reflection and initiation of next steps.

To encourage autonomy and facilitate group discussions, we offer discounts on the purchase of 2 or more Principal packs and/or Contributor packs (per order). 

I live in Europe. Can I still purchase it?

Yes, we do ship ReWeaving Wealth internationally. International shipping costs and delivery times may vary widely depending on location.

What currencies can I use to place an order?

All purchases are processed in Canadian or US dollars (CAD or USD). Click PURCHASE and choose your currency preference. If you are in another country your cost will be determined by the credit card you use and the exchange rate applied to it on the date of purchase.

What should I know about shipping?

Shipping/handling costs and taxes, if applicable, will be added to your checkout total, and are determined by your selections and where you live. Expedited shipping can take 2-10 days depending on location so please order early to ensure timely delivery.


How to Use the Cards

Is this a one-time use?

We anticipate you’ll want to use ReWeaving Wealth over and over through the years. The decks include a lot of content to engage with repeatedly. You can update your action plan, revise your vision, and incorporate new strategies to reinvigorate your mission. Or, use it to provide a starting point for your young teen or a new partner.

Can I do the whole program in one sitting? How long does it usually take? 

The cards are versatile and content-rich. Each person or group will use them differently. Time varies depending on how involved you want to get. Skim them, take a deep dive, or return to them repeatedly to refresh your approach. 

I’d like to do this program with my family/team, but I’m nervous about leading them through it.

The guidebook leads you through the program step by step and can be used by novice or experienced facilitators.


Is ReWeaving Wealth For Me?

How do I use the Big Questions?

This small deck of open-ended questions are great conversation starters for families and group discussion. They really zero in on your relationship to your money, capturing the heart and the practicality of what it means to deal with significant wealth.

I’m planning to do ReWeaving Wealth with my daughter. Do we need one set or two?

To have the most personalized and creative experience, it’s extremely helpful for each participant to have their own decks to work with. For a family in one home, you might purchase a Principal Pack for your family and a Contributor Pack for each additional family member.

My wife/husband/parents and I make joint financial decisions. Will this program be of benefit to finding common ground?

ReWeaving Wealth provides an easy pathway to find common ground. Once uncovered you can explore how to work with shared passions, then see how differences may or may not be included.

I don’t know if I’m ready to activate my resources, but I’m curious about the cards. Is it worth it for me to give them a try?

Regardless of your current inclinations, the cards are a fun and intriguing way to provide more sense of purpose and meaning for your personal energy and your money.

I have friends who are anonymous about their wealth. Will this help them?

This process can be especially helpful to someone who may be committed to change-making while living a discreet lifestyle.  It can provide a helpful and in-depth guide for inquiry to privately work through some of the complex issues that come with wealth.

I’ve been doing this work for years—how will the cards be helpful for me?

Even for someone with a vision and a functioning organization, ReWeaving Wealth can be of service by introducing strategies and different ideas which may not yet have been considered. It engages participants in a process to deliver multipli-leveraged resources to important missions by considering how to stimulate synergies. 

I’m a wealth advisor. Will this be helpful to me?

ReWeaving Wealth is a helpful tool for wealth advisors, providing an engaging and meaningful way to explore what values, issues and guidelines are important to clients. It also provides a constructive framework for navigating individual differences while simultaneously uncovering unforeseen commonalities that can help bridge differences.