ReWeaving Wealth evolved from a real-life, long-term experiment to fully engage personal wealth.

Our Story

Carol Newell created ReWeaving Wealth with the desire to fuel talent, tackle the hard issues, and amp up the optimism that arises when life-affirming initiatives are well funded and money is infused with meaning and reconnection.

The activation of her own wealth for common benefit has been a 30-year journey. Investor by circumstance and innovator by nature, Carol has created programs, organizations and collaborations that seed new thinking about our relationships with social, natural and financial resources. Recognition of her work includes appointment to the Order of Canada.

Carol founded and funded Renewal in the early 90’s as an experiment in radical wealth activation. Aiming to build a stewardship culture and galvanize a region, Renewal combined mission-aligned investments, philanthropy and deep engagement. The Renewal strategy was led for 16 years by Joel Solomon. Its team and capital has fueled organizations, individuals and businesses working toward sustainable economic development and social/environmental justice in British Columbia, Canada and beyond. Renewal Funds grew alongside this work and is a mission venture capital company founded in 2008.

Following a decade of anonymity, Carol went public to initiate Play BIG. Co-created with Marian Moore in 2004, these gatherings encourage others to pursue their own paths to boldly activate wealth.  Over time she noticed how hard it can be to implement good intentions and that a map to navigate roadblocks and successes might help.  

From these experiences ReWeaving Wealth was born.  Developed in close collaboration with Patty Goodwin, an East Coast strategic communications director, and first introduced at Play BIG in 2013, ReWeaving Wealth cards are a nimble process tool designed to help people integrate and mobilize decisions, creative thinking and wealth activation.  

We hope ReWeaving Wealth puts the reins in your hands, helps you discover a focus that stirs your sensibilities, and supports you in galvanizing a mission that you and others are passionate about.  Let’s get ahead of the issues.  What story will you weave that the grandkids can live with?


What People are Saying

“These cards spark and guide deep thinking about how your wealth can enrich others.”

Deepa Narayan, Author of CHUP: Breaking the Silence About India's Women, and Former Senior Advisor and Author of 
Voices of the Poor, World Bank

“Exquisitely designed and extensively researched, ReWeaving Wealth breaks down decades of experience and knowledge of impact strategies that work into a simple yet profound system.”

Edward West, Founder, Mission Motors, and Former Cleantech Program Advisor, Stiefel Family Foundation