ReWeaving Wealth evolved from a real-life, long-term initiative to fully engage personal wealth.

Our Purpose

ReWeaving Wealth was created with the desire to match financial capacity with profound intention - to fuel talent, tackle the hard issues, and amp up the optimism that arises when life-affirming initiatives are well funded and money is infused with meaning and reconnection.

How ReWeaving Wealth Came to Be

ReWeaving Wealth was created by Carol Newell. Investor by circumstance and innovator by nature, Carol’s on-going focus has been to seed new thinking about our relationships with social, natural and financial resources. When Carol received an abundance of capital - in 1992, at the age of 36 -  it dawned on her that she already had enough.  Looking soberly at the world, she felt terrible about its state and direction, so she found great help and made a plan to take her wealth to its greatest capacity to stimulate change. 

For thirty years she went against the grain, mobilizing her discretionary wealth to align with her values.  Over time, when sharing her story, she realized how hard implementing good intentions can be for many; especially living in a culture that prioritizes growth at any cost. The profound urgency we face on so many levels, prompted Carol to distill what she has learned into the ReWeaving Wealth system, a guide designed to help others illuminate and navigate roadblocks and build on what’s working.

The lessons learned came from radically activating wealth with a team of like-minded financial implementers, advisors and support people, guided by on-the-ground changemakers. In the 90’s Carol founded the Endswell Foundation and Renewal Partners, a private investment fund. Both entities formed her family office to distribute her wealth for common benefit.

The Renewal team (brilliantly led for the first 17 years by Joel Solomon) has fueled hundreds of individuals, organizations, and businesses working for the protection of ecosystems, nurturing sustainable economic development, and awakening environmental/social justice in British Columbia, Canada and beyond. 

While Carol remained anonymous for a decade to lead a low-key life, she directed her excess wealth to be deployed with a goal to support and uplift movements without expectation of financial returns. What evolved was a regionally based, well-funded, integrated network of activators and entrepreneurs; many working in concert with one another to build a greener, more inclusive culture.

Having seen the momentum that arose when initiatives were well funded, Carol went public to help others who wanted to mobilize their money to catalyze change. These efforts included the creation of Play BIG gatherings - developed in partnership with Marian Moore in 2004 - which gave others access to the support, guidance, and encouragement needed to boldly activate their own wealth.

ReWeaving Wealth emerged from observing both those wanting to support issues, and those on the front lines making change. The ReWeaving Wealth cards are a nimble process tool designed to help people integrate and mobilize decisions, creative thinking and wealth activation. 


The Creation of the ReWeaving Wealth Cards

Developed in close collaboration with Patty Goodwin, an East Coast strategic communications director, ReWeaving Wealth was tested and improved over several years. Input was sought from dozens of activists and entrepreneurs, with the intent to illustrate both breadth and depth of content. Much of the strategic substance has come from observing on the ground results, and from those who have shared their experience and insights. Once the framework was in place, colleagues and graphics designers provided prototypes, then final designs. The Renewal Partners team navigated the production process, with editors, printers, assembly and fulfillment. ReWeaving Wealth was printed using ecologically sensitive paper and inks, and was constructed locally.  

The needs for change and methods to increase awareness and pursue it are always evolving. We’ve left space for you to include the thinking and expertise you and your colleagues are aware of, and hope what we’ve offered provides additional support for your endeavors. Rounds of gratitude for your own efforts to bring the world into better balance.

Why ReWeaving Wealth?

Reweaving is a technique used for hundreds of years to mend torn fabric in a way that the damage is no longer visible. It takes great skill, using strands of different hues to replicate the original woven patterns precisely. Having nearly torn apart the structural integrity of our natural world’s fabric, this seems a good analogy for what humanity is being called upon to collectively accomplish in the next short decade.  It’s time to reweave the world, and the way we work with wealth.

Over to You

ReWeaving Wealth puts the reins in your hands, helps you discover a focus that stirs your sensibilities, and supports you in galvanizing a mission that you and others are passionate about. 

What story will you weave?

What People are Saying

“These cards spark and guide deep thinking about how your wealth can enrich others.”

Deepa Narayan, Author of CHUP: Breaking the Silence About India's Women, and Former Senior Advisor and Author of 
Voices of the Poor, World Bank

“Exquisitely designed and extensively researched, ReWeaving Wealth breaks down decades of experience and knowledge of impact strategies that work into a simple yet profound system.”

Edward West, Founder, Mission Motors, and Former Cleantech Program Advisor, Stiefel Family Foundation