Mobilize Wealth to Catalyze Change

ReWeaving Wealth
ReWeaving the World

A guide, a game, a potent tool. ReWeaving Wealth helps people explore ways to activate resources to make a difference.
Deceptively simple. Packed with content.
Cards for catalytic thinking.

Get clear. Get creative. Get moving.

How It Works

Five decks of cards, worksheets and a guidebook help you identify and sort through complex choices faced by people with wealth. Use alone or with others. Reflect, consider options, and get assets flowing where they will help create the world you want.

Refine Your Vision

The first three decks are the vision decks: Values, Concerns and Strategies. Mix and map out potential scenarios to seed and cultivate change.


Prioritize the values that drive you and what you want to accomplish in the world.


Connect your values to real-world issues. Refine your focus and consider how your concerns relate to one another.


Test a range of ideas to provoke new ways of thinking and taking action on your concerns.


What People are Saying

“The Strategies are bold and comprehensive. This program makes overwhelming and murky problems seem so much clearer. All of this could have taken the form of a book but the cards are so much more tactile and tangible. It’s genius.”

Julia Pope, Co-Founder of Hylo

“You thought of everything imaginable and still left room for new thoughts from the users. I am blown away by the magnitude of the work. What a gift to us all.”

Bonny Meyer, Impact Investor

Drive Your Mission

The remaining two decks guide you through concrete steps to get your wealth flowing. Get inspired and get practical.

The Big Questions

Clarify where you stand with your money now and consider where you might go. Where are you stuck and what needs to change?

Next Steps

Put it all together. Establish guidelines. Explore ways to deliver resources. With ReWeaving Wealth you’ll build a practical plan to implement your Mission and help catalyze change fast.


What People are Saying

“I worked through the cards with my daughter, who's 30. It was life-changing for her. It clarified for her what is her work to do and what is not. Great for those who are wanting to hone in. Brilliant tool for the world.”

Ginny Jordan, Philanthropist, Family Foundation

“I’ve worked with ReWeaving Wealth alone and in small groups. Each time I gain new insights and deeper self-awareness about how I can align my core values with my money.”

Don Shaffer, Former President & CEO, RSF Social Finance

Who It's Created For

ReWeaving Wealth helps people balance financial responsibilities with the desire to create a better world.


Sharpen your vision. Deepen focus. Imagine unusual combinations. Also useful for those who prefer anonymity.

Family Members and Colleagues

Helpful for discussing issues and finding common ground with partners, family members and fellow board members.

Institutions, Advisors and Facilitators

A tool for family offices, educational programs, investment advisors, funding circles, coaches, facilitated events.

Take Charge of Your Wealth and Activate Your Vision

Whether you’re just beginning to explore options for activating your wealth for change, or you’ve been at it a long time—ReWeaving Wealth is a rewarding gift for yourself, your family and the world.